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We seek to provide high-quality professional services that satisfy the needs of our clients with solutions that add value and comply with professional ethical and technical standards.

Financial Audit

Audit of the Financial Statements
Limited Revisions
Review of agreed procedures on financial reporting
Due Diligence
forensic audits

Internal audits

Internal control, based on COSO
Fraud risk assessments
SOX Assessments
Audits and Risk Assessment in Information Technologies – IT
Internal Comptroller

Consulting on IFRS – IFRS

Comprehensive advice on standards convergence processes
IFR Quality Assurance in implementation projects
Training on IFRS – IFRS


In tax matters, our focus includes the following professional services for national and international tax advice:

Tax advice, national and international.
Business restructuring.
Defense and representation before the SII and tax litigation.
Advice to expatriates.
Advice to family businesses and inheritance structuring.
Real Estate Taxation.
Tax compliance services regarding Income Taxes.
Income operation and sworn statements.
Transfer Pricing.
Value added tax (VAT).
Stamp Tax, Municipal Patents.
Tax diagnoses.
Analysis of the new tax systems of this year’s Tax Modernization Law No. 21,210 Tax incentives for SMEs.
Trainings and courses.


    SW Chile offers its clients a wide range of integrated legal and tax services. The professional and multidisciplinary teams we have combine knowledge, experience and innovation, offering various possibilities to companies and industries to achieve their objectives at a national, regional and global level.

    In legal matters, our services are focused on everything related to the company, such as legal secretariat, representations, incorporation of companies, their modification, reorganization and termination, corporate governments, title studies, real estate advice, leasing and factoring, maintenance of legal books, labor advice, immigration and visas, contractual and commercial.


    Our Business Services Outsourcing BSO services are aimed at advising on accounting, tax returns, financial reports, translation of financial statements into international formats, account analysis, among others.

    General Accounting.
    Billing centralization.
    Tax returns.
    Inventory control.
    Treasury management.

    Remuneration services

    Aimed at the processing of remunerations and provisional payments for an entire company’s staff, with optimal technology for the processing and transfer of funds, under conditions of maximum confidentiality.

    Calculations and payment of remunerations.
    Private Role.
    Social contributions.
    Issuance of remuneration books.
    Affidavits for the SII.
    Review of second category single tax and labor compliance.

    Other BSO Services

    We support administrative accounting management, which includes accounting supervision and regularization, as well as assistance with other requirements.

    Accounting supervision.
    Special jobs.
    Tax diagnosis. and labor.

      Advisory – BPO

      Our approach focuses on the needs and interests of management and financial statement users, based on an understanding of the business, its information system, control mechanisms, and the systems used by management to plan, conduct, and control operations.

      Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Advisory

      In the field of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), we support growth and restructuring strategies for companies of all sizes and sectors of the economy. Adequate strategy and assistance in these transactions are essential to ensure that purchases, divestitures, joint ventures, and “Joint Ventures” align with business objectives and regulations.

      Services include:

      • Valuation.
      • Purchase price distribution.
      • Determination of Goodwill.
      • Impairment testing.

      Assistance in Investment Instruments

      Our focus is on providing assistance to clients who need to meet regulatory requirements regarding derivatives, futures, swaps, or any other instruments used by our clients.


      We provide advice to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entities without access to traditional financing or that are underbanked. Therefore, we offer ad-hoc assistance and consultancy through our product FinteGram, to validate and certify business models and the financial, legal, and tax situation in order to access financial products provided by the Fintech Marketplace.

      Real Estate

      We accompany our clients in the development of their investment plans and management of real estate assets, ensuring that all variables affecting the business are covered. Considerations include:

      • Valuation of real estate assets.
      • Business model with an emphasis on profit forms and returns.
      • Operational structure and cost.
      • Legal and ownership structure.
      • Tax compliance and structure.

      Other Real Estate Services

      • Real estate brokerage.
      • Bidding on the sale of real estate assets.
      • Rental property asset management.
      • Consultancy and studies.
      • Real estate appraisals.
      • Real estate due diligence.
      • Private and corporate mortgage financing.
      • Market analysis.
      • Evaluation and design of real estate investment plans.

      Information System Advisory, IT Audit

      The constant innovation in technology and information security, along with the high reliance of current business processes on these tools, make them one of the main continuity risks for businesses. The Information System Advisory area assists in reviewing and documenting processes, analyzing best practices and access controls, measuring vulnerabilities in IT systems, and reviewing controls associated with IT processes across various industries and technologies. Additionally, the trend toward operating through the internet or mobile devices increases the need for increasingly complex systematized controls to ensure the integrity, reliability, and accuracy of information, protect the company’s image, and strategically position it against competitors.

      Other Information System Advisory Services

      • Systems audits.
      • Internal IT audit.
      • Review of operational risk management (Roles and Profiles in Systems).
      • Business Continuity Planning.
      • PMO – Project Management Office.
      • Process documentation and improvement.
      • Evaluation of the best system alternative (RFP).
      • IT infrastructure implementation (ITIL).